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Georgia University Panel on Confederate Statues Turns into a Leftist Echo Chamber

This is an article I wrote for Campus Reform
A recent Middle Georgia State University panel on the appropriateness of Confederate monuments featured zero professors who were willing to defend such statues.

The panel, called “Monument Forum: Artifacts, History, Heritage," included three professors from various universities across the country, though not one held the position that the monuments should remain erected.
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In fact, The Telegraph reports that one person in attendance, Johnny Nickles, told the speakers that he was “a little disappointed” with the event because “all three of [them] have the same opinions.”  
“I don’t believe slavery was the reason for the war,” he continued to laughs from audience, instead suggesting that the motivating force was about states’ rights. “I am totally in favor the monuments. We have a monument of Rosa Parks now; a statute of Otis Redding.” In response, however, Fort Valley State …

'The Unbearable White of Medieval Studies'

by Thomas J. Craughwell 

Losing our faculties in many more ways than one.
I put my title in quotation marks because it does not originate with me (I wish it had!). It is a jibe
coined by history professor Rachel Fulton Brown of the University of Chicago, who appears to delight in provoking her colleagues. She admires the wildly unfashionable ideals of chivalry — and she says so. In 2016 she posted on her blog a piece entitled, “Talking Points: Three Cheers for White Men.” And she insists that Western Civilization is “the source of those things which even [my leftwing colleagues] profess to value (tolerance, separation of Church and State, women’s rights).”
So, I wonder if the “Unbearable Whiteness” phrase was aimed at Dorothy Kim of Vassar College, who describes herself as a medievalist, digital humanist, and feminist. Professor Kim has asserted, “Medieval Studies has become the historical belly of white nationalism and white supremacy.”
Kim says that when she looks around a room full of…